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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Snaps!

As you can see, it is haymaking time in the fields right next to us.  I love watching the tractors and combine harvesters going about their work and then seeing the haystacks in neat piles all around the field, until the farmer comes to collect them, taking them back to his storage barns so that the animals will have enough feed to see them through the winter.


A little while ago, I told you about the Park which is just five minutes away from us.  There are lovely old trees there and my grandson has found a magic one with a secret room.  He loves it and will spend ages in his little 'room'!

The following photo isn't very good, because I took it with my mobile phone, and it is from a distance, but it is the back of the house when I was walking up to the park, and I thought it might let you see how we are literally just surrounded by fields.  I love the peace and quiet of the location I must admit.  The beauty of it is that we are only a ten minute walk from the village and everything that we need.

Here is the lake in the park with the Canadian Geese:

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend  - we are still being blessed with warm, sunny weather.


Bethe77 said...

Thisisme How I so do love all those lvoely photos. Some surely handpainted by God! The one of grandson so adorable in his magical tree room. How splendid to have fields surround yu with quiet and the lovely susnhine. I will be going at early again tomorrow was hoping for church but not to be/ Need to deal with the crisis at hand.

Ann Nichols said...

You have such a beautiful spot of this earth to call home!
Your grandson is adorable... what a great tree for him to play in!
Have a lovely sunday,

Thisisme. said...

Bethe - I like that - handpainted by God! I hope that everything is okay with you my friend. Sending warmest wishes.

Ann Nichols - hallo there! It's always nice when a comment pops up from you. I am very blessed living where we do, I must admit. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Claudia Moser said...

You live in a wonderful place, so nice photos!

orchid said...

I need to cook from now, haha 6;30 pm. I think I'll send you a mail later, just tell you situation in Japan.
TTFN, Love, xoxo Orchid

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Lucky you blessed with warm sunny weather, we have rain rain and more rain.

Maybe you could push some of that sunshine across the Irish Sea?
Would be gratefully received!!!

We have the farmers ploughing fields at the moment, last night they were still doing it at 11pm with huge lights and the noise............

This morning it started at 6!

So much for quiet country life!!!

Have a good Sunday


ohhh I love the tree, and your little boy is so cute !

I live in a similar country area in NSW ,Asutralia.

Eva Marie said...

Hi Diane,
It looks very nice where you live, I love the country side. And I do remember the hay season back home in Sweden, when I was a little girl we use to help out at my grandparents farm.
I like the photos - very nice :)
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Linda O'Connell said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Every child should have a secret tree. What a cute picture.

colenic said...

Love the photos...especially the one with your perfect is "his" little room....he is probably sharing with the fairies...
hugs to you on this beautiful sunday.

Bouncin' Barb said...

You always take great pics and these are no different. It looks like a beautiful spot you live in. Love the little one in the tree. How fun is that?! Hugs my Awesome friend!

rainbow said...

Love the Photos of your countryside and especially the tree with your grandson. So delightful. Tuesday is when my GRANDson moves to London. So happy for him and his Mom and Dad, but sad for me. Thank you Lord for Skype and Flicker. HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY AND MAKE IT A GOOD WEEK.

rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Shady Del Knight said...

You gotta "make hay while the sun shines" I was always told. By the way, according to my mum the first words I ever uttered as a child were "farmer cut weeds." I spoke those words as we drove past farm activity of the kind pictured here. I love the shot of Eli in the tree. I hope that everybody takes time to fully enlarge it to get a good look at him. I love the waterfowl also. You live in the middle of paradise, dear Thisisme, and I hope the sun shines bright for you throughout the month of August!

Chatty Crone said...

I really enjoyed this pictures - it is gorgeous there.

That tree has to be a thousand years old! WHEW!

Katherines Corner said...

Lovely photos my sweet bloggy friend. I felt as though i was with you on a stroll. Hugs!

Auntie said...

You do live in an idyllic setting and I'm so happy for you.

And I love your "Grand's" Magic Tree! I want one, of my own! :-)

Pat MacKenzie said...

Every child should have such a magical playhouse. Your spot on earth is lovely. I would enjoy the quiet too.

Sush said...

So happy for you that the sun and warmth is lingering! One of my favorite sites to enjoy are haystacks in a field! Lots prettier to view and smell than cowpies! Ewww did I really say that? OH well, all the snaps this Sunday are lovely and I think a nice tea in the tree would be divine! One day...oh maybe one day...!


Thisisme. said...

Claudia - thank you!

Orchid - nice of you to drop by, even if you WERE preparing dinner!!

Raindrops and Daisies - goodness me, that haymaking must have been a bit annoying. I know that I've seen them doing it here with the huge spotlights late into the night. The last couple of days though, it has all been done during the day. Much more civilised!!! Sorry you;re not getting any sunshine over there.

IWASN'TBLOGGEDYESTERDAY - good to see you here today. We are both lucky then surrounded by lovely countryside.

EvaMarie - how lovely to have childhood memories of helping out at your grandparent's farm. It must have been really special.

Linda - thanks for dropping by today. Yes, as you say, every child should have a little magical tree.

Colenic - hallo my friend! Hope you've had a relaxing weekend and good to see you here today. My little grandson is good enough to eat!!

Bouncin'Barb - thank you my friend. Sorry to read from your post that you had an Anonymous comment today. Fame at last, eh?!

rainbow - oh, I do feel for you with your little grandson moving away to London on Tuesday. You must be feeling so sad at the moment. I hope you will be able to use your Skype and keep in touch as much as you can :(

Shady - Hi Tom. Yes, that is a very old saying, isn't it? "Make hay while the sun shines". Luckily they have finished it all this afternoon, because I think the weather might be going to change!Good to hear from you, as always.

Chatty Crone - that tree is just a bit older than us then my friend. Hee Hee!!

Katherine's Corner - ThaNK you so much!

Auntie - I haven't received any e mails to say that you have written a new post, although I'm sure you have! I did request an e mail informing me when you had a new post up. I will pop over later to have a look.

Pat - You're right, every little child should have a magical place all of their own! I am blessed indeed where i live.

Sush - cow pats indeed!! Ugh! I remember falling in one when I was a child! Not nice!! Glad you enjoyed the Sunday Snaps today. Hugs.

Manzanita said...

Thank you for sharing all the lovely, lovely pictures. The harvest ones make me think of my childhood but our equipment was much more primitive. What gigantic trees for your little grandchild to play with. That will be a grand memory for him when he's grown.
Hope your weekend was exciting. It's nearly over now.


Belle said...

I love the big tree. Something like that is so wonderful for kids. We used to have a little clubhouse next to a tree when I was a kid. And when I was twelve, I used to climb a tree near our house and read the afternoon away.
You live in such a lovely area, and just 10 minutes from town! Ideal.

Odie Langley said...

I know you have seen from some of my photos that we also have fields around my home and I love to see the combines baling the straw or picking cotton. It is peaceful to me. Those Canada geese do get around don't they? I wonder just how far they do make it from Canada. Really enjoyed the picture of your little one enjoying his special place. All kids need a place like that.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Love all the photos you have shared you truely live in a wonderful place and I love that your grandson has found a tree with enough room for him to sit in it........

becca said...

i love sunday snaps. love the pic of little one in the tree and beautiful pictures of the tractor and fields. also that is a very large group of geese.

Duncan D. Horne said...

Hi Diane, it's good to be blessed with proximity to general services and beautiful nature - we have that too. Though I haven't found a tree to play in yet!

Duncan In Kuantan

Thisisme. said...

Manzanita - hallo! Lovely to see you over here today. Thanks for popping by. It's amazing how our childhood memories stay with us, isn't it?!

Belle - I hope i'm forgiven for leaving out Canada now!! How lovely that you used to while away the hours reading in that tree. Happy memories my friend.

Odie - we are blessed indeed for the areas in which we live my friend. Yes, I wonder if the Canadian Geese in our park really did fly all the way over from Canada?!

Jo-Anne Rambling - I'm glad you enjoy my Sunday Snaps my friend.
Aren't we blessed to have our grandchildren in our lives?!

Becca - thank you my friend and thank you also for always taking the time to pop across and leave a comment. It means a lot.

Duncan - hallo my friend from Malaysia! You will have to look a little harder for one of those trees, because your little girls would love it!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

love the pictures! you do have a beautiful place to live and enjoy nature at its finest!

(got a chuckle this morning when i saw "wordless wednesday" in my feed. hehehe! i thought "i missed my surgery!")

Dizzy C said...

Lovely photos.

We are enjoying 80 degrees this Monday afternoon.
Give us til Tuesday eve and we will be complaining it is too hot LOL


Glenda said...

You live in a beautiful area - I didn't realize you were in such a remote spot - just assumed that you were tucked away in a little village somewhere. Our first home was surrounded by hayfields and I loved it until hayfever forced it's way into my life, lol.

Kristina said...

What great photos! I always enjoy seeing them! Such a great tree for the grandson to play in!

Thisisme. said...

Teresa - thank you! Yes! Guess who posted her Wordless Wednesday on a Monday by mistake!! Hee Hee! Belle even posted a comment and said that she didn't realize it wasn't Wednesday until afterwards!! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow my friend!

Dizzy - Hi Carol. Yes, I saw that you are going to be getting high temperatures all week! Grey and gloomy here I'm afraid. You're so right, only last week, I was saying that it was too hot!! Hee Hee! We just always want something to complain about, don't we?!

Glenda - it must have been a bit unpleasant to be surrounded by those fields when you suffered from hayfever. Not good!!

Thisisme. said...

Kristina - thank you my friend, and thank you for taking the time to pop across and leave a comment. I know you must be very busy at the moment, with all the new things going on!

flowers on my table said...

Lovely photos Diane, I particularly like the one with the hay and the 'God light'.Your grandson is having a ball in his secret room, how cute! Hope you are well my lovely friend? Thankyou for your lovely comments. Yes Avoca is a wonderful place. We have one in Belfast too, but not so large.Have a wonderful week, love Linda x

Susan said...

I stopped by last nite, but had to leave and fix some dinner, so I'm back.

Such wide open spaces, so much to see, and beautiful country! Great shots of the geese, they didn't seem to mind at all. But, what a tree! And your grandson is such a grandson, too, would love that tree-what a find! They are so excited when they discover new things!

A great post, with so much energy!

Thisisme. said...

flowers on my table - Hi Linda! Yes, I'm fine at the moment thank you. The sun has gone again though, and we have the fine drizzle back again :( Avoca certainly looked a wonderful place to have a good old browse around! The sort of place that I love.

Susan - hi there! how kind of you to pop back again after you had fixed dinner. That tree is just the thing for little boys, isn't it?!