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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The World Really Is A Much Smaller Place since......

Hi again everyone.  I owe the idea for this post to my lovely friend Glenda over at "As Life Happens" as she was talking about her blogging friends from all parts of the world.

I have been blogging for almost nine months now, which, really, in the scheme of things, isn't very long at all, but I honestly feel as if I have known you all for so much longer!  I know when you are happy and I know when you are sad.  I know when exciting things happen in your lives, things that are are rightly proud of, and I know when you are struggling with what life is throwing at you at the moment.  I know the precious wonder of new life appearing in your world, and I know when grief arrives at the loss of a loved one.

So, for me, in these past nine months, the world really has become a smaller place, as I read about my friends in Australia, all parts of the great country of America, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Malaysia, India and Japan. (Not forgetting my blogging friends in my home country of Great Britain of course!). (If I have left YOUR country out as you are reading this post, please forgive me!).

You shared in my daughter's wedding with me, and you were so generous in your comments when I bored you all silly with the wedding photographs! Quite often, I picture my garden filled with all my bloggy friends, and, of course, the sun would be shining on us all as we sipped our champagne, or whatever beverage is your favourite!  Do you know, I honestly feel that we would all get on like a house on fire.  I don't think there would be any awkward pauses, just a day filled with laughter and, yes, LOVE. 

Please know that you have all brought so much into my life.  Sometimes I find it difficult to find words that I hope will entertain you, so I'll have a little break for a few days, but, hey, I don't want to give you too much of a good thing, do I?!   Hee Hee!! 


Shady Del Knight said...

These are beautiful sentiments, Thisisme, and I share them. I agree that we are all real friends and not just click-on friends as I like to call them. I love and care about you and I hope you are feeling much better these days. Please take care, dear friend!

Eva Marie said...

Lovely post Diane - and I agree with you fully. Since I started to blog, which is only a few months ago. I've met some really nice and genuine people. It's exiting to go in and read what you're bloggy friends are up to.
Have a great day my friend.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A beautiful post :-) I have met lovely ladies through blogging .. a few face to face and have got on so well with them too.

Funnily enough you do know when I am happy or sad ..

hope you enjoy your little break, don't stay away too long. I love your new look blog :-) xx

dubgirl said...

I have found blogging to be a wonderful experience and it has opened up a whole new world.
PS - love your garden and your blue door x

BECKY said...

Hi Thisisme! It's hard to believe you've only been blogging for nine months, and I'm so happy that our paths crossed, too. I feel the same as you do about my bloggy friends. In fact, I recently was able to meet three of them in person! And it was just as you described...we talked and laughed and felt like we'd known each other for years! I posted about it last week on my blog. Have a wonderful break. You deserve it!

orchid said...

Oh, my Dear LADY!!!
How I feel lucky to know frieds in this blog-world. Yes, lovely relationship☆☆☆
I DO not forget the generous
helping hand and concern for me from you when I had 2 big troubles (haha,we've known each other short while yet). First one was the comment leaving trouble!!!
To tell the truth; because of the unexpected loss of one of my family late fall last year, I was in the terribly messed up mental situation when I started this blog this feb. Sure helped me away from the sorrow being here.
I love the way you said "the sun would be shining on us all".

Talk to you soon, HUGS and lots of LOVE♡♡♡ Orchid.

Jumble Mash said...

Lovely post! I think the blogging community is such a wonderful thing to be involved in.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

I have only recently found your blog.

It is really nice and very interesting.

Lovely sentiments about your blogging experience and the friends that you have made along the way.

I am only starting off but hopefully like you will find it a worthwhile experience.

Thanks for a good read.

Sush said...

Hi Diane,
I am hoping you are taking a holiday for enjoyment and sunshine and not because you are feeling poorly. You are like a ray of sunshine in my day when I get to hear from you and what you are doing, how you are feeling, what you are thinking about the world and all it holds. I understand the need for a respite from the keyboard and will be checking in on you in a few...
Indeed I feel a kindred spirit with so many of my new blog family and blogging does help make the world a smaller place.
Hugs and much love~

Chatty Crone said...

You are a great and very faithful bloggette! teehee

Take a blog vacation just come back.

You are so sweet,


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a lovely post and I agree with you, blogging is the modern day version of having pen friends all over the world isn't it. I cannot wait for you to organise the Garden Party it will be such fun. Take Care and Enjoy your break. xx

Retired English Teacher said...

I know just what you mean. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me. I'd love to be visiting Southhamsdarling in her garden with all her friends. That would be so much fun!

I love the three flowers in the heading of your blog. Are they from your garden?

Desiree said...

I cannot believe you've only been blogging a wee while longer than I have! I also couldn't believe Carol had only been at it for a year! It seems quite a few of us are relative newcomers! Your blog looks so professional and you're always tweaking and changing things and you have such a large following, I'd imagined you'd been around for a lot longer, Diane! Just goes to show how deceptive appearances can be :)

Wouldn't it be nice if we really could all meet up in your lovely garden and chat and laugh until the sun sets!

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Bethe77 said...

Thisisme I have only been blogging for 7 months and am beyond blessed. I so agree with you and the wonderful thoughts of getting together with our wonderful bloggie friends.
And you one of my very first bloggie friends.
To that I am so extremely grateful for all of your love encoauragment and bloggie love.
The world truly has gotten smaller.
Enjoy your time away my wonderful friend.

melody-mae said...

Just beautiful. I feel the same as you about my blog friends! Blogging and 'meeting' such amazing blog friends is such a gift. I am thankful!

vintch said...

It really is a small world after all, isn't it, dear friend? your blog brings me such happiness and i love the little peeks that you give us into your beautiful life!

Gawgus things... said...

Ahhh, just wiping a wee tear away from my sun tanned eye... ;)

Thisisme. said...

Shady - you're right. We are all real friends and I'm sure we would all be there for each other if the chips were down. Thank you for always coming across and leaving such thoughtful comments.

Eva-Marie - That's the thing, the peoople we meet really do seem so genuine and caring. Hope you're having a good evening over there in Dublin.

Anne in Oxfordshire - Lovely that you have actually met some of your bloggy friends in real life. That must be really special! Hope your ankle is feeling much easier for you now.

dubgirl - it seems that quite a few of us are relatively new to this blogging experience. Thank you for your comment about the garden (and door!).

Becky - you are another lucky one who has met up with her bloggy friends. I can imagine it could be a real hoot!

Orchid - dear friend, I am sorry to hear that you lost a loved one late last year, and I am so pleased that your blog has helped to keep your spirits up. Thank you for your lovely comments. Warmest wishes to you and hubby.

Sush - hi there. Don't worry, I'm only having a break for a few days. I'm actually feeling pretty well again now, thank goodness :) I see that you popped over to say Hi to Raindrops and Daisies as well! Everyone on here is always so supportive.

Jumble Mash - you're right. It is such a strong and supportive (and fun!) community that we all belong to.

Raindrops and Daisies - how lovely of you to visit my blog today. Welcome and I hope you will drop by again. I have just popped over to see you and left a comment. Welcome to this blogging community of ours. I'm sure you will love it!

Chatty - I love that word - "blogette". Hee Hee, that's me alright!! I'm not going anywhere - just having a little break for a few days.

LindyLouMac in Italy - it really WOULD be wonderful if we could all meet up, wouldn't it?! You're right, it is the modern version of having a penfriend, but we can get replies much more quickly!

Retired English Teacher - everyone feels the same about blogging it would seem! Yes, the three roses in my header photo are just three of the varieties in my garden.

Desiree - thank you my friend for always being one of the ones that always pops across to leave a comment. I appreciate it so much! Yes, that little Mynx, Carol, has done well with her blog in just a year, hasn't she?! If I win the lottery, then we will definitely all meet up in the garden - wonderful!

Bethe - lovely to hear from you, as always. You have certainly embraced this blogging adventure with both hands. You write so many posts and get involved in so many challenges. You are a star!

melody-mae - You're right. Our blogging friends are gifts and blessings indeed. I do hope that you are feeling okay after your awful accident with the mirror earlier today!

vintch - thank you, as always, for your very kind comments my friend. Your blog is always full of so much warmth and love and wise words!

Gawgus-things - yes, it's alright for some, isn't it?! Swanning off to warmer climes, leaving daughters and dogs behind!!

Bouncin' Barb said...

This is a perfect example of why I say you are so AWESOME! You truly are. I've no doubt that we'd get along fabously. Someday!!!!! Hugs and I'll be waiting for your return.

Belle said...

It has been wonderful for me also to make friends through blogging. We do really care about each other. I look forward each day to see how my dear friends are doing.

kneesandpaws said...

Diane this is so wonderful! We would get on like a house on fire! Truly I feel the same way. It's wonderful to discover the beautiful soul of a person through their thoughts. I'm so thankful that you decided to start blogging. You have touched many of our lives by your posts, photographs and comments. We appreciate you so very much. I hope you enjoy your blogging break and come back soon!

Thisisme. said...

Bouncin'Barb - If you carry on like this, I really will start to believe that I'm awesome!!! Hee Hee! I know that we would get on very well.

Belle - You're right. We really do care about each other, and it does feel so good, doesn't it?!

kneesandpaws - those are such kind comments you have left for me today, and I am very touched my friend. Thank you!

SkippyMom said...

I know what you mean lovely lady. I think I wrote the "same" post last year just because I feel the exact same way about my Tadpoles. I think the best part is the possibilities are limitless - we all keep meeting more and more nice people through eachother. :)

When you do have the party in the garden - please let me know. I'll get the champagne through customs somehow :wink:

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Have a good rest - I'll miss reading your posts but know you will get back to it with renewed energy and enthusiasm. And I forgive you for forgetting to mention Canada - that huge country sitting on top of the much smaller USA on your map :)

Have a lovely holiday.

Olive Cooper said...

I honestly feel that I have more in common with bloggers than with many of my friends I see in person. Have a delightful and restful few days off. hugs♥O

Odie Langley said...

OMG Thisisme, you have so many in your blog family I thought I would never get to the bottom to add my comment. I feel exactly the same way you do as I have friends all over this tiny planet too. The UK, Scotland, Malasia, Australia, Canada, Phillipines, South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands as well and quite a few in the US. My life has been altered by knowing all these friends and made so much better. I do hope you and your hubby have a wonderful weekend.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what beautiful sentiments and i share them with you as well. i love thinking about all the new friends that i have made. you all are so important to my life now, i can't imagine how i haven't known you all for years.

Thisisme. said...

Skippy - I knew I could rely on you to get the champagne through customs!! Hee Hee!

Pat - OMG! I forgot Canada - I really am sorry. I will correct that in my next post, because I have another lady in Canada as well. No brownie points from you today then!! :)

Olive - I know just what you mean. I'll be back again next week.

Odie - I'm sorry you had to scrawl through so many comments today my friend. I know you feel the same way as I do about blogging, and it really has enhanced our lives, hasn't it?

Teresa - hi my friend. It seems that all our lives are better for having joined this wonderful blogging community. The support is tremendous, isn't it?

Auntie said...

Enjoy your little break, Dear One.

We will be waiting for your next sweet posting.

And I see, 'tis all pretty in pink now, here on your blogging home. :-)

Becky said...

What a lovely post, This!! You are so sweet, yet a bit commical! I love it! I am happy to have you as a blogging buddy, as well! ((HUGS))

Claudia Moser said...

Such a wondereful post, you are so nice!

Susan said...

What a lovely tribute to all of us who follow you. And you're makes the world and distance seem smaller. I talk about you-my blogmate from England, and they all think it's interesting (kind of like when we were younger, we had penpals). I think in my mind of ways to get to England and look you up. I, too, think it would be fun and fascinating to meet fellow bloggers. And, Thisisme, I love your pink roses at the top of your blog...cleverly done. I hope you are feeling better!

Dizzy C said...

I love the fact that blogging has brought me together with people on other continents.

It is a small world because you are only down the road (well few hundred miles) and I didn't know you were there :)


Thisisme. said...

Auntie - yes, I'm all pink over here now! Hee Hee! Thank you for coming by and always leaving such sweet comments.

Becky - thank you my friend! I'm glad we're blogging buddies too. Not long now til your vacation. Have a wonderful time, won't you?! I know how excited you are.

Claudia - thank you my friend. Hope the sun is shining on you over in Germany. You certainly deserve it!

Susan - lovely to hear from you today and thank you for your lovely comment. Oh, if you ever get to England, you really must let me know. It really would be wonderful if lots of us could meet up for a cream tea and a glass of something refreshing!!

Dizzy - I so agree, it is lovely how we have found all these super people from all across the globe.
At least you and I are fairly close together in the scheme of things!!

Carol Wyer said...

Love you big time 'Nice lady from Devon'- I feel like I have known you for a long time and I really value our friendship here.
I have posted a comment on your ownderful birthday post for me - late in the day, I know - but I blame the Russians and their difficult keyboards (and a slightly tipsy Facing 50 naturally).
Have a super day and time off.
You are a fabulous person.

Carol Wyer said...

Just read Desiree's comment and your reply.
If I win the lottery we are all going to meet in your garden for certain!

Denise said...

Thank you Diane,yes I'm very happy that all is well with my new grandson and daughter.Now,Today is our 34th wedding Anniversery.I'm trying not to be too pushy today with celebrating because it seems we've been doing nothing but celebrating with the new birth.I know were both tired.I agree with you about all our new blogging friends.I never imagined I would be having so much fun getting to know ladies I have so much in common with that live so far away.

Katherines Corner said...

What a lovely post. You, my dear sweet bloggy friend, are a bright star and I am honored to call you friend. Hugs!

kneesandpaws said...

Dear Diane, I've just written a follow up comment on my blog about your comment...because I appreciated what you had to say so much. Here's hoping that you are enjoying lots of sunshine and rest. Take care, Jenny

Thisisme. said...

Carol - hi there! Glad you got back from Russia safely! I was afraid they might have tried to recruit you into their spy network! Steady on with the lovely comments. My head won't fit through the door at this rate. Hee Hee!!

Denise - lovely to see you here today. Thanks for popping by. You're probably still on a high thinking about that cute new grandson of yours!! Happy 34th Anniversary to you both. Where does the time go?!

Katherine's Corner - thank you SO much my friend. I think we're all shining stars!!

kneesandpaws - thank you. I have been back into your post. Very wise words you wrote in your reply. Hugs.

Glenda said...

Thanks for giving a little mention to my blog. It's nice having all these bloggy friends in our lives.

Thisisme. said...

Glenda - hi there. I think we have all gained something in our lives for having our bloggy friends sharing with us.

flowers on my table said...

Hi Diane, sorry I am very behind with my reading. This is such a lovely, touching post. I agree with your sentiments too, bloggers are very special, and no-one more than you. Love Linda x

Thisisme. said...

flowers on my table - hi there! Better late than never (!!) and I'm glad you enjoyed the post today.