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Thursday 2 December 2010

Getting excited!!

Gosh, you wouldn't believe how cold it is here at the moment - we have a real biting cold wind, and I don't like it.  I'm not built for the cold!!  It's only 35 degree here at the moment and seems much colder with the wind coming from all directions.  At least we don't have any snow in my part of Devon at the moment, and I am praying that we don't get any for the next 24 hours, because tomorrow, my husband and I are catching the plane to Paris for a few days, to celebrate our  granddaughter's 13th birthday. 

I've just looked at the weather forecast for Paris  and it's even colder over there, showing 25 degrees for today.  Eeek!  I'm going to have to turn out my thermals, me thinks.

I noticed this morning that even the horses in the field have their winter coats on.  We moved into this house thirteen years ago, and have always had feral cats (they live in the deserted Barn next door) coming to the back door for feeding.  There seems to be a new little litter of kittens arriving every six months or so, and they are so cute, in all different colours.  There was a little black and white one which arrived a couple of months ago and, out of all the ones we have had here over the years, he was by far the friendliest.  Every time I went outside the house he would come running up to me and follow me round the garden.  Anyway, I came down this morning and looked outside the back door and he was just lying there as if he was asleep.  I opened the door, but he didn't move, and I discovered that the poor little thing was dead.  Whether it was the cold that had got to him, or whether he had been knocked down on the road, and managed to pull his little body up the drive  to our door, I don't know, but I felt very sad. We have buried him in the garden, and I shall miss seeing him every day, although the mum and dad are still here.  In fact, it looks to me as if the mum is pregnant again!  We have given several kittens to friends and taken more down to the local Animal Shelter.  It's really spooky, because only a couple of days ago, I had taken a photo of this little kitten, which I don't usually do.
Poor little kitten

As I shall be away, I probably won't be blogging for the next few days, but will be back with you again soon.  Take care until then, and I will leave you with this Chinese proverb :

"Rather light a candle than complain about the darkness."


Belle said...

What a beautiful kitten, I'm sorry it died so young. Too bad about the cold when you are going away. Paris! Oh my, how I would love to see London and Paris. Maybe some day. I love the quote - it is very true. Have fun celebrating!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing about the little kitten. I too am sorry it died so young. It is in the 20's here in North Carolina as well. Too cold for me but at least the sky is clear. Have fun in paris and we will be waiting for you to come back with lots of pictures.

Rebecca said...

i'm with you not liking the cold much

BB said...

Safe trip to Paris. Enjoy your time with your family. See you when you get back.