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Sunday 11 December 2011

Sunday Snaps!

Happy Sunday everyone! Lovely to be here with you all again today.  Carol over at facing50withhumour is having another one of her fun parties, and I spent a lot of time there yesterday, meeting up with old friends in the chat room that Carol had set up specially for us, and generally having a good old Christmas knees-up.  You must all remember Carol of course.  She's the now famous author who wrote Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines.  I believe that there are still a few copies available for people who are still thinking of what to give Aunt Mabel for Christmas!

My Sunday Snaps today come from last year's Christmas when we were all together over in France, which was wonderful, because my number 1 daughter didn't let me lift a finger.  Bless!  Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at the photos today.   I hope you are all well and taking good care of yourselves.

No. 2 daughter's husband and her two stepsons.  It was VERY cold over in Paris!

hubby was obviously worn out with the excitement of it all!!

Eli was really excited with his Buzz Lightyear.

Big cuddle from Aunty Em

The happy couple who, as most of you know, got married this June.

I told you it was cold over there!

Number 1 granddaughter having fun in the snow

Hee Hee! Look at little baldy Ruby. I can't believe how much she has changed in a year.

Moi, Snowman and Little Alfred


I have been thinking of this for a while, and I thought I would try something a bit different (for me!) when I reply to your comments.  I don't know whether any of you return to my blog to see if I have responded to any comment you might make (Well, I know that my good friend Shady does!) .  Sometimes I may write quite a long reply and I'm wondering if it is a bit of a waste of time.

So, to save you coming back to my blog, I am now going to pick up my comments from my e-mails, and then reply individually to you by e-mail.  I have tried doing that a couple of times this week, and it's certainly quicker for me.  The trouble is, I have noticed that a couple of my very good friends leave a No Reply Comment, which means that I can't send them an e-mail.  (Shady and Sush to name just two). 

What do you think about this.  Are you happy with that? If  you ARE happy, then that is what I will do.  So if you do not have your e-mail address on your blog, perhaps you would care to e-mail me at  For those of you who would prefer that I reply to your comment on my blog, please let me know, and I will do so.

Hope all that didn't sound too complicated.  It just seemed easier to me, and will leave me more time to keep up with all your wonderful posts, that I hate to miss out on!!

See you again soon my little friends.



Anonymous said...

Nice post thanks for sharing...shalom soraya

Linda O'Connell said...

I can't believe how big that snowman is, or are you very short? looks like France was fun. You can email me at or message me at my blog have a happy day. I am going to put the tree up.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos my dear friend. That is a great idea to respond to everyone individually. I was doing that for a while, but wasn't sure if that was ok or not. Some doesn't have their email showing though, so some I had to go back and respond on the blog.
Have a lovely Sunday - hope you're warm and relaxed! Hugs x

Gawgus things... said...

Can't believe we had a white christmas last year! Eli doesn't look too thrilled with my hug!

Claudia Moser said...

We were talking today about last winter and we also had heavy snow in Germany, now it is pretty warm. As for your comments, I do return to read them, but you are welcomed to write me an email any time :)

Unknown said...

Loved the pictures a lot and I'll be honest and say that it is tough to get to a lot of blogs and comment so getting back to visit them again is something I rarely do my sweet friend so I like your idea of email. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Desiree said...

Super pictures as always, Diane. Ruby certainly has changed a great deal in a year!

Shelly said...

I didn't realize it was that chilly in France at Christmas! What gorgeous pictures of the family and little Alfred. So glad he has a smart little coat, as well. I always enjoy reading what you comment back on, and however you choose to do it is fine with me, friend!

Shady Del Knight said...

Sorry I'm late jumping across the pond today, dear Thisisme. I was up till after 2am and just now getting back on the computer and making the rounds. Looking at these Sunday snaps renders me misty-eyed. I remember your trip over to Paris last year and it is amazing to see how the children have grown since then. Even little Alfred has changed considerably. Last Christmas I was just getting to know the various members of your wonderful family. Now I feel connected to each and every one of you and deeply care about your ups and downs.

Two days from now I will have house guests arriving from out of state and they will be staying through the holidays. I will do everything in my power to visit your blog and post my comments. Please forgive me if I miss some or am tardy with my comments. Please know that you and your family will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I will be emailing you shortly. If your idea will simplify your life and save you some time then I am eager for you to implement it. Bless you, dear friend, and happy Sunday!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Lovely pictures...

No, I do not go back to a blog comments, after reading them once.

If you have something which you really want to tell me, concerning my comment in your blog, please email me.

But PLEASE, do not think you HAVE TO make some-sort-of-reply to EACH comment! Please no!!!! That's too much like work, my Dear.

If a reader asks a question, in your comments, it would be polite to email her, with an answer.

But please, please, please do NOT place the DUTY on yourself, to say something back, to EVERY comment!!!

Just my opinion, of course. :-)

“The grate had been removed from the wide overwhelming fireplace, to make way for a fire of wood, in the midst of which was an enormous log glowing and blazing, and sending forth a vast volume of light and heat; this I understood was the Yule-log, which the Squire was particular in having brought in and illumined on a Christmas eve, according to ancient custom.”

~~Washington Irving

BB said...

I do remember these pictures from last year. It was when I discovered something familiar about your daughter in Paris!! hehe. The little ones have grown in a year is right. You can really see it now. You, my awesome friend, can email me anytime. I love hearing from you and i think it's a great idea! Hugs.

LindyLouMac said...

Lovely photos, I bet you are looking forward to this Christmas as well.

Ah you have realised it is easier I knew you would in the end! you already know I had to stop subscribing to comments due to inbox overload so suits me perfectly. I think some people are still unaware they have no reply set up! I sometimes just go to their blogs in return and maybe thank them in a comment about their own posts. It does get all rather complicated my friend doesn't it. I honestly think most of us do not expect replies unless a question is posed.:)

rainbow said...

I do enjoy your Sunday Photos and thanks for sharing. As for my comments, I do come back when I leave a comment but I also come back two or three times a day to see what everyone else has to say. I love your posts and your friends comments. It always makes my day any time I am here. As for your response to my comment do it any way that is convent for you. You are such a dear to respond to our comments. THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIEND.

rainbow (Momma Lyn)

SkippyMom said...

Lovely pics! I can't believe how big the kids are now [in comparison to those pics last year] and that Christmas is already here again. :)

Pearson Report said...

You and I talked about this via email a while back when I was also finding it overwhelming to reply to comments, being that I write a wee bit of a novella when I reply.

I think it's a great idea.

Further...I too noticed some of the "no-reply" return, for those I put a reply in my comment area.

I started doing this, but then found myself veering back to my old ways...midlife indecisions!!

Do what works best for you - and I know I'll be happy because you're happy!

Cheers, Jenny

flowers on my table said...

Oh I say, it is looking awfully festive over here Diane. It is fine by me to reply by e-mail. I am sure you are really looking forward to the big family get-together? Your pics are lovely. Many thanks for your very kind comments, glad the tinsel tangle thing made you smile. Lots of love to you, Linda x

vintch said...

look at all that lovely snow! france is already quite charming, and i cannot imagine how beautiful it was to be around your family last year and all that glorious white fluff! your blog is so enchanting. and however you choose to reply to comments is just fine with me. we all just appreciate you taking the time to comment and respond back. that's a rare and special treat in the blogosphere!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, my goodness. I always wondered how you had time to go back and comment on comments on your post. Once I hit publish, I never read my posts again. I think replying to emailed comments is a great idea.
I loved all the pictures.

Stella said...

Looks like France was fun for all given all the smiling faces. Feel free to e-mail me. Stella